At the 2018 Nutritional Therapy Association Conference, we had a 3-part lunchtime Business Mastermind Workshop Series hosted by Beth Manos Brickey of The Mastermind Series was wildly popular and had to move to a bigger room each day to accommodate bigger and bigger groups. If there wasn’t enough room for you to attend or you didn’t make it to the Mastermind Workshops, you’re in luck―Beth did a live recording of each workshop and it’s now available for free on her Between Meals Podcast!

Part 3: Finding a Balance of Work and Life
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Show Notes

Session 3 features Beth’s special guest, Emily Schromm of

“Recorded Live at the Nutritional Therapy Association’s 2018 Annual Conference: Live Nourished, in Vancouver Washington, this is part three of a 3-Day Business Mastermind Workshop Series focused on Content Creation and Building a Presence Online created and hosted by Beth Manos Brickey, RYT, NTP of Tasty Yummies.

Having a presence online can often require us to be constantly “on”, it can be hard not to get stuck in being chronically overworked, mindlessly swiping and scrolling, needing to always be available to our followers and clients and even worse, falling into the glorification of busy. On the final day, in this 3-day series, we share our own personal experiences in finding a work life balance and offer tips for stepping away, outsourcing and hiring help and just finding grace in the space, where you can.”