NTA 13th Annual Conference, Thrive

Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020 IN PORTLAND, OREGON

The theme of our 2020 Annual Conference is Thrive.

This theme is the holistic embodiment of what it means to go beyond mere survival and truly thrive. Our conference will provide actionable education and inspiration about how to succeed where you are and grow personally, professionally and as a community. 

Personally: Our speakers will address the different ways you can use holistic nutrition to support mind, body, and spirit for yourself and your clients.

Professionally: You will learn how to make an impact in your community, increase your brand awareness, and grow your business sustainably.

As a community: The conference provides opportunities to networking and collaborate with fellow members of the NTA community in interactive workshops. Where you will learn how to promote accessibility and inclusion in your business.

As an ecosystem: We will also discuss practices that help our ecosystem thrive including regenerative farming and permaculture.



During this conference, you’ll flourish professionally by learning how to make a bigger impact and increase your presence in your community. You’ll grow personally by connecting with other like-minded professionals and allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the knowledge and connection you so deserve. Additionally, we’ll step outside ourselves and thrive as a community by including diverse voices that explore what true health looks like, foster collaboration, and provide accessibility. Just as we face the challenges of modern life and progress as individuals and a community, it’s crucial that we also continue to come together to learn how sustainable practices and regenerative agriculture will help our world thrive in the face of the continuing environmental threats.



Let’s go beyond survival and truly thrive!

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