All-American Paleo Table

By Caroline Potter, NTP
Book review by Resolute Michaels, NTP

All-American and All-Delicious

“When it comes to food and celebrating, no one should ever be left out!”

With this philosophy to guide her, Caroline Potter sets off on a nutrient dense, whole food odyssey through a year of American celebrations. Some are the share-with-everyone-on-the-block events and some are curl-up-on-the-couch comfort moments. Regardless, what we have in All-American Paleo Table is a collection of fresh and inspired recipes that remind us of hearth and home without us having to experience any compromise.

I’ve often heard that a cookbook can be judged as a whole by its bread recipes. So, as this one is grain free, I was intrigued over the ingredients listed for her concoctions. Most of us are used to Paleo recipes heavy on nut flours, coconut flour, and maybe some tapioca or arrowroot thrown in. While these are employed in a number of recipes, here we are introduced to new flours and starches, such as sweet potato starch and chestnut flour. The use of cashews rather than the ubiquitous almond is more than refreshing. And, these make all the difference.

First, there is Nut-Free Sandwich Bread, which uses sweet potato starch. For anyone who has worked with grain free baking, perfecting a bread loaf worthy of a grilled sandwich can be the Holy Grail of Gluten Free. Caroline has nailed it. This bread is chewy with subtle depth. It slices cleanly and does not crumble. And, take a look at the ingredients. It is protein-packed and fiber-filled, which only adds to the delight of once again enjoying a sandwich.

Next, I heartily recommend the Banana Chocolate Chip Griddle Cakes, in which the chestnut flour plays a supporting role, lending just a touch of intriguing spiciness. With a mere six ingredients and no added sugar, this childhood classic can be a regular on your weekend menu. These hold up to whatever toppings you choose to enjoy, and the fork cutting through the stack is just perfect.

Moving on to the Garlic Bread Bites, we’re reminded of the versatility of cauliflower. This recipe takes us beyond cauli-rice and faux-tatos in the most appetizing fashion. Pair these light bites with the Tomato Basil soup for a rainy day meal that satisfies without weighing you down.

Be sure to try the Bacon Jam on the Morning Butter Biscuits. And get ready for the bliss of the Pork Belly Croutons on your next salad.

There is not time to describe all the flavor and texture variety in this tome. Suffice it to say, as you peruse the chapters, you’ll be drawn down the lane of memory, of family stories and friends gathered in celebration, with the joy of knowing you can recreate these moments for yourself and the upcoming generation, without compromising your health.

Caroline gets it just right.