We’re very excited today to announce the NTA’s brand new logo and look!

This rebrand is more than just a fresh coat of paint, however. We have been hard at work completely transforming the entire NTA organization, curriculum, online learning management system, website, and marketing materials, adopting a modern look, mobile-friendly layouts, and cutting-edge content.

The NTA is on a mission to reconnect people to healing foods and vibrant health and we are extremely proud of how our graduates have transformed their lives, practices, families, and communities through the power of Nutritional Therapy. But when we took an honest look at our brand, logo, website, etc. (and listened to the candid feedback of students, graduates, and advisors), we knew that we weren’t doing a good enough job telling the story of the NTA organization and tribe.

The NTA has grown quickly in the past few years, with new team members, new cities, and new curriculum, and it has become increasingly important for us to better define who we are and what we stand for. From the logo, to the website, to the admissions process, to the curriculum, to alumni support, our goal is to make everything prospective students, active students, staff, and graduates interact with as modern, elegant, and streamlined as possible. The bottom line is that we wanted to make the face of the NTA as beautiful as the transformative work carried out by graduates every single day.

In designing our new logo, we considered our core values and purpose as a school, as well as the key messages we hope to impart as an organization.

At our core, we aim to achieve vitality, both for our students and alumni, and for the clients they support. Our institutional pillars are rooted in the concepts of health, empowerment, education, and nutrition. The pillar of health is reflected by our aim to deliver a functional approach to nutrition therapy that gets results. The pillar of empowerment is manifested in our desire to connect people to their body’s nutritional wisdom. The pillar of nutrition lies in our belief of customizing holistic, nutrient-dense dietary programs to meet individual needs. And as for the pillar of education, we exist as a school to support learning and growth of students, practitioners, and clients.

We chose to include the shape of a circle in our new logo as a symbol of balance, integrity and connection. The blues and greens speak to the natural approach to health that makes up the fabric of our curriculum. The leaf represents our core aim for vitality, and gives a nod to the power of real food.

This makeover has been a long time in the making, and a lot of love, sweat, and kombucha went into it. We hope it shows. There is still much work to be done, but we are excited for what the future holds and honored to be able to serve such an amazing community.

The NTA Team