Heart 2 Heart Farms attends the NTA Conference and Their Upcoming Farm Tour!

By Tyler Boggs, Heart 2 Heart Farms

I have to admit, when my wife approached me last year about attending a nutrition conference, excitement was not my first emotion.  I’ve always been athletic and always had a solid understanding of health and nutrition…or so I thought.

As both new exhibitor and guest last year, I was blown away by what a spectacular resource the 2015 Nutritional Therapy Association Conference was. We both came home energized and inspired, immediately applying the resources she’d gleaned from the program not only to revolutionize our health, but to optimize the way our farm produces and uses farm-fresh foods to enhance nutrition and vitality in our community.  As an attendee and student, my wife cultivated an incredible education, applying that knowledge to help me lose over 60 pounds and transition off a laundry list of nasty medications, literally saving my life.  As a vendor, the learning and inspiration I received was equally impactful.

I returned home with an enthusiasm I’ve never felt before, focusing all our attention on elevating the expectation and availability of nutritionally dense, healing foods provided by local farms.  We consulted with experts, created new products, added new crops, and began looking at our land as healers instead of farmers, and we owe so much of that inspiration to the Nutritional Therapy Association! We are forever grateful to the instructors, staff, attendees, and speakers of the 2015 conference, and we would like to show our appreciation by making sure every attendee in 2016 enjoys nutritionally dense, pastured meats, and farm-fresh goodies.

Additionally, this year, we are honored to open our arms, our home, and our farm to you, and welcome the entire 2016 Nutritional Therapy Crew to enjoy a full tour of the dream they’ve helped birth and a lunch catered with the foods we’ve grown, but they’ve inspired.  In the unfortunate event you can’t make it out to the farm, we will offer free samples, meats, and snacks all weekend at the conference, and have designed special discounts for all meats ordered by attendees and staff before conference end! I cannot speak highly enough about this event, the Nutritional Therapy Association as a whole, or the people that attend it.  The NTA Conference should be mandatory for all parents, is an absolute MUST for all students, and is an incredible resource for anyone committed to living, or helping others live a long, healthy, nutrition-focused life!  We are so excited to see you all again soon, and honored to be a part of such a wonderful program!

Oh, and we have a quick farm-tour video if you want to get a “sneak-peak” at our operation!

Tyler, Elizabeth, Joshua, and the Heart 2 Heart Farms Crew