Have you been thinking of attending next year’s NTA annual conference? Hear what last year’s attendees had to say about it!

“It was so worth it. I have much to put into practice and for myself and my family.”

“I loved hearing about the new things that will be coming this year (new NTC/NTP updates to coursework, new 8-week course for clients etc.). In addition, I wholeheartedly support the expansion of attention to the spiritual, emotional, psychological aspects of health as well.  Food and physiology is what we know in the NTA but the recognition that there are many other significant pieces to the health puzzle was refreshing, enlightening and powerful and I feel we will be additionally helpful to our clients because of it.”

“I love the conference! It’s a beautiful time of connection and feels more like a family than a group

of colleagues. I look forward to it all year!”

“I loved every minute of being with the tribe.  Thank you!”

You don’t want to miss the excitement, learning opportunities and connecting with your community. NTA’s Annual Conference: Roots will be held in beautiful Portland, Oregon March 1-3, 2019.