Before I launched Holistic Nutrition Lab in January of 2012, I would show up at health and medical conferences and get approached (sometimes bombarded!) by other practitioners asking all sorts of questions about how I had “done it”.

What I had “done” that they wanted to know about was build a successful and fully booked practice with a three month wait list for new clients, a growing clinical team, and online detox programs that were serving hundreds of participants at a time.

Somehow I had created much more success than my colleagues with the same educational background. And here’s the kicker – I wasn’t doing any marketing. None. My entire practice was grown by word of mouth.

How did I do it?

It seemed like everyone wanted to know!

Everywhere I went there were more questions.

How do you get clients in your door to begin with?
How do you structure your first session to keep them coming back for more?
What kind of tools do you use in your practice that enable you to see results?
How do you partner with physicians and other medical professionals on your clients’ teams?
How do you distinguish yourself from the services of all the other practitioners out there?
Honestly, at the time, I didn’t know the answers to those questions.

I was just doing what I knew to do to solve problems – the problems showing up for my clients and the problems showing up in my business.

But I became determined to help others (like you!) create the success they desired. After all, we are all ultimately in service of the same mission – to help the chronically ill get better.

So I dove in, and went on a mini mission of my own, to find my secrets.

It took me a couple of years to tune in to what these other holistic and functional clinicians were asking me, and to watch my own practices carefully, with a scrutinizing and objectively curious eye, to better understand not just what I was doing (or had done), but where it could become replicated by others so that I could teach it and they (and you!) could benefit from it.

What I found during this mini-mission was that there are two distinct components to a successful practice – the science of functional nutrition, and the art of clinical practice.

As you know, the science is imperative. As clinicians, we must know anatomy, physiology, the science of nutrition, and much more!

The piece that set me apart was the art of clinical practice.

It turns out that the road to a successful practice has so much to do with the art of working with your clients. And I’m not just talking about creating rapport. There is an art to being a clinician who isn’t just liked, but who gets results.

This is the art, when mastered, that brings rave reviews, referrals, and the successful practice we all want.

The practice of this clinical art is what I call the Practitioner Mastery Paradigm. And it truly is a paradigm shift. It’s a whole new way of seeing, thinking, and practicing. There are 8 distinct pillars to the Mastery Paradigm, and I’ll share them all with you on Saturday, March 19th at 10:30AM.

You likely have a lot of knowledge at your fingertips already. Let me show you how to create success by painting with the palette you already have.

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Topic: Functional Nutrition Mastery: 8 Ninja Moves to Turn the Information You Already Know into The Key Elements of a Successful
Date: Saturday, March 19th
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM